Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Bunny

When my Dad goes out for Easter candy, he doesn't kid around!  This magnificent chocolate bunny graced our Easter table last year and I'm just getting the chance to show it to you now!   

Can you see the yardstick we propped up next to him?  25 inches of pure delight!  Buying a giant chocolate rabbit is something of a tradition in my family and every few years my Dad gives in and gets one.  It is a limited edition milk chocolate rabbit made at Morley Candy in Clinton Township. 

The rabbit came in a nest of Easter grass (sprinkled with chocolates) and was wrapped in clear cellophane with a large yellow bow.  Whenever there is a giant rabbit in the house, my parents keep him on the front table. In the days leading up to Easter, my Dad will cut a hole in the cellophane so that you can lean in and smell the chocolate.

Then last Easter, my parents brought "dessert."  Can't you just see my Dad coming up the front steps carrying him?!  What a treat and so welcome at our Easter table.  We definitely had fun nibbling at his ears.  In the following week we did our best to eat him, and then we packed up the extra to enjoy in chocolate chip cookies, brownies and fondue.  All I can say is, that was SOME bunny!      

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