Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modern and Square

I now consider myself to be a Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I may sew, craft and bake like it's the 1950s, but I can also pull out my iPhone and complete a business transaction right on the spot!  When I say, "I take Visa," I mean it!

You know that I am always on the go.  When I am out and about in different cities, I often meet people who end up wanting to buy my book, Moments of Delight.  Or the necklace that I'm wearing.  Or my book on Paris, the moment it comes out.  You get the idea.

Now that interaction is a whole lot easier.  Square is a new device (the white adapter shown above) that plugs into an iPhone and allows my business to take credit cards on the go!  Safe, secure and "authorized" while we both stand there.  It is modern and fabulous and I thought you'd want to know about it.  To learn more, go to Square.

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Elaine said...

It certainly sounds like a great app!