Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jewelry Tip

I want to give you a tip for making a simple pendant necklace. 

A new trend in pendant construction is to include 2 metal loops on the back of the pendant.  If you are in Michaels (or the jewelry aisle of another craft store) and you see a pendant you like, turn it over and see if it has two loops on the back.

If it does, you can make a virtually "no skills" necklace by attaching a lobster clasp onto each end of a pretty chain.

Before you attach the lobster clasps, try the chain around your neck and decide where you want the pendant to hang.  My guess is that you'll want the chain to be about 18 inches long.  Adjust the length of the necklace by using a wire cutter (wear safety goggles) to clip off the excess length of chain.  Then attach a lobster clasp to each end of the chain (use a jump ring to hold the clasp to the chain). 
Close one lobster clasp onto a loop on the back of the pendant, put the necklace around your neck and close the other lobster clasp onto the other loop on the back of the pendant.  Tah-dah - you're wearing a necklace!

The #1 reason I love this trick is that it doesn't commit the pendant to just one necklace. If you unhook both lobster clasps, the pendant can be used another away - no harm done.

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