Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Have you considered lately, how the smallest gesture can reveal a gigantic heart?

Six days a week, I write and send photos out into the world trying to inspire my readers to find delight in every day life.  If I can lead by example and show people how little touches, easy projects and simple recipes can bring some happiness into their lives (and the lives of those around them), then I am accomplishing my goal.  I try to be very honest with my ideas and declarations and although I may seem overly passionate about some things, I feel that the truth can help people to celebrate their own quirky collections or interests.

Now that I've said that, I'll remind you that for me, the Royal Wedding was a big deal.  I've written about collecting Princess Diana memorabilia as a child, how I went to see an exhibit of her dresses years ago, that visiting St. Paul's Cathedral was meaningful to me.  I have done my best to express what I think so many people feel and now that the time had come, I was happy to get up early and watch a beautiful wedding with the rest of the world.

Then I got an email from a blog reader and "fan/friend" on Facebook who lives in England.  She has been following my blog and wondered if I wouldn't like her to get me some wedding souvenirs.  Can you believe it?  What a simple and glorious thing to do.

I told her that my cousin had secured a mug for me (what a relief!) but that I would LOVE a tea towel, some newspaper clippings and, if possible, a simple tote (like for groceries or to carry library books) with the wedding date on it.  We figured out how I could pay her back through PayPal (genius!) and she set off to find me some goodies. 

The package arrived yesterday and this is what she sent!  Not only did she find a lovely crested tea towel and a "couldn't be more perfect" cotton Union Jack printed bag with hearts and 29 04 11 on it, but she also included a commemorative wedding book (blue), a royal issue of OK magazine, lots of newspaper articles (I've learned way more than I could find out here) and a little William & Kate wedding button as gifts!  Can you stand it?

Friendship and Kindness and Generosity from across the Atlantic; simply because she knew I would like it.  Thank you, Friend, for bringing me delight.


Elaine said...

How wonderful, Anne! What great souvenirs and how very thoughtful of your friend.

Anne Reeves said...

Yes it was so very kind. I really like that people "know" me though my blog.

And my cousin has promised some newspaper articles from Germany too! So great.