Monday, May 16, 2011

Sisters On The Fly

"Hey - I've met those girls!" was my first thought when I was reading the June issue of Oprah's O magazine.  There is a great spotlight article on the fun-loving vintage trailer group called, Sisters On The Fly.

When I was at the Country Living Fair in 2009, I noticed two travel trailers parked in a semi-circle with little living area set up in front - jugs of flowers, chairs, vintage items.  Some members of "Sisters On The Fly" were happily chatting with attendees, showing off their super-cute trailers (look at the red cowboy boots holding cooking utensils!) and recruiting! 

I was struck with how happy these women were with a "place of their own."  A little mobile retreat that showcased their individual style.  Since my days of owning a little orange Barbie Camper (and then the deluxe yellow motor home), I have dreamed of a creative life on the road.  A rolling studio where my sewing machine, serger, computer and baking pans were all able to "go where I go."  Driving between delightful destinations, all while having brownies baking in the oven...

I think these "Sisters" are onto something and I'm glad they are getting such grand exposure.  Bravo.  I support any group whose motto is: "We have more fun than anyone."

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