Saturday, May 21, 2011

Decorating With Flowers

I am a big believer in decorating with flowers.  They can improve a room the way a scarf can improve an outfit.

I think the reason that fresh flowers, like these lilacs, feel so special is because they are perishable.  They will only be in bloom for about a week (and last in water 3-4 days) and then they are gone for the year.  

Decorating with flowers shows that the room is tended - that the flowers are supposed to be there because someone just put them there.  Does that make sense?

In the same way baking cookies or a cake for a visit sends the message that you are happy to have guests, decorating with flowers heightens the beauty of a room and silently says, "Enjoy this."

Of course you need access to a blooming tree or shrub (if you don't have any, ask your friends), but when something this gorgeous requires only clippers, water and a vase - how can you not decorate with flowers?

It just might turn the room, and your day, around.

*LILAC TIP: Since they have woody stems, smash the ends with a hammer or carefully cut slices at the end of the stemo to allow more water to be absorbed.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could send you a picture right now... A couple days ago I went to my herb garden and snipped a few blooming spikes from my lavender and also clipped several pieces of fresh, leafy mint. They are now carefully arranged in a pale lavender pitcher with raised molded flowers on the front which I received as a wedding gift 47 years ago this month. It's a touch of delight on my kitchen island which is visible also from my front door. It is the fragrance as well as the pretty blooms and leaves that give pleasure. (Yes, in TN my herbs are in full splendor of new growth.) ;-) Janice

Anne Reeves said...

Oh Janice - good for you! The lavender and mint sounds gorgeous. And you're right - the scent is a whole other aspect to enjoy! Happy Anniversary and thanks for your message!

Broken Barn Industries said...

People in Europe buy way more cut flowers than we do here in the states- it's considered a staple grocery item! I love having bouquets all over the house. Such a luxury if you have to pay for them. Fortunately, I have LOTS planted in the yard to keep me supplied. I also regularly raid the fields around here for wildflowers. In winter, flowers ARE on my grocery list!

Anne Reeves said...

You are so right! I consider everything I plant as part of a future bouquet. Everything is a cutting garden!