Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unusual Vases

With so many blooming bushes and trees at their peak, I bet you are scrambling to find enough vases to accommodate your bounty.  Don't forget that a pretty pitcher (antique or otherwise) can double as a vase.

If you are considering an antique pitcher and have doubts about whether it is water-tight, you can always insert a small glass inside to hold the water.  The pitcher you see here is in a pattern called "Chelsea" and the cluster of lavender blooms are fragrant lilacs from my yard- I'm in heaven. 

When arranging cut flowers, I like to sprinkle a little Floralife floral food into the water to lengthen the bloom life.  When I don't have any of that, I resort to a splash of Listerine mouthwash!  I have heard that the "germ fighting" properties of mouthwash can also work to keep the water fresher longer.  If I don't have floral food on hand, I figure it can't hurt.

So dig through your cupboards (or the basement!) and see if you can find any interesting vessels to hold this season's delight.


Hendersonville Wallpaper said...

I would love to fill our home with flowers but I don't have a garden to take flowers from. Another thing is I have a 4yr old son who currently fills our every available home space with toys. Maybe someday when we retire, I'll have a home to decorate with flowers.

Anne Reeves said...

Hmmm...maybe you could claim the kitchen table as your own - a little bouquet in the center? I bet a friend could share a few blossoms if you ask. I can't bear to think of you waiting till you retire. Sneak in a few blooms now, won't you? Thanks for writing!