Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Bottle Sleeve

Phone.  Keys.  Camera.  Water.  This is my list when I head out the door.  Does my water need to be this cute?  No, but it does need to be mine.  I spend a lot of time with friends - out and about, at kid's sports games, euchre nights and school events.

Where there are women, there are water bottles and I was getting tired of "losing" my water in a sea of bottles on a picnic table.  Has this happened to you?  It is kind of like the need for wine charms to distinguish between glasses at a party.  So...

I have made the world's simplest NO SKILL water bottle sleeve.  Mine is made of bright yellow oilcloth with strawberries.

Water Bottle Sleeve

your favorite water bottle - this will be the "mannequin"
5 x 9.5 inch piece of oilcloth
pinking shears

3 adhesive Velcro dots (or adhesive Velcro strip)

Use pinking shears to create a pretty zig-zag edge to your oilcloth.  Determine the short side of the oilcloth (5 inches across) and stick three fuzzy dots onto the right side of the oilcloth in a row (one in each corner and one in the center). 

I am going to tell you the way to get a perfect fit on your water bottle.  Place the "mate" sticker onto each dot so that the adhesive is sticking up into the air - ready to be "stuck."  Wrap the oilcloth around your water bottle - pretty side out.  When the oilcloth overlaps, allow the adhesive (on the dots) to "land" in the perfect place to create a snug fit around your water bottle.  Voila!

This water bottle sleeve can be used over and over again.

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