Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Right vs Left

I've been living a creative life long enough to recognize some patterns.  My year is divided distinctly into three phases.  I'm not sure if it is really right brain vs left, but it definitely uses different strengths at different times. 

January - April: Analysis, Planning, Writing, Organizing
May-September: Creating, Designing, Photography
October-December: Tradition, Memories, Baking

I spend so much of Jan/Feb/March/April writing articles, blog posts, planning promotions and generally thinking.  I brainstorm book ideas and talk a lot about the future, while I organize everything.

When the first blooms of May open, I am "shocked" into my creation phase, where everything is time sensitive.  Each blossom (tulips, weeping cherry, marsh marigold, lilac, iris) will only be at peak for a few days (and if the sun is out, you'd better grab it!), the sunset is right now, the festival is this weekend only.  So you see what I mean?  I have to be camera-ready all the time to capture the ever-changing world of delight.  I feel most creative during this time of year and bounce between making jewelry, taking pictures and sewing/taping/knitting/serging/threading/painting etc.  It is so much fun.   

And then by the Fall, I end up putting aside all business design ideas in lieu of the "what I can make for the house" ideas.  I like to revive memories with a certain recipe.  I like to fill the house with beautiful Christmas vignettes.  I want to attend (and host!) the holiday parties and events that bring people together.  I love it all.

And then it is suddenly after New Years, I'm exhausted and I settle down to think, write and reflect.

Does your year have a distinct pattern?  As I look out the window, the trees tell me that I am about a week from my creative phase starting.  Wish me luck!   

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