Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Month

What is this you ask?  A "Flowers of the Midwest" poster?  A botanical display?  No, this is my birthday lunch!

For ages, I have been amusing myself by saying that I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of August.  While it's true that I can't fit all of the cupcakes, visits with friends and general revelry into one day, I also am particularly vocal about it because I want you to embrace your birthday month too.  Let everything good that happens, be because it's your birthday.  Why not?

So often people play down their birthdays because (*gasp*) they are getting older.  I want to encourage my readers to soak up as much fun as they can.  If a friend wants to bring you a cupcake or go out to lunch - do it!  If you need an excuse to buy a romance novel or order dessert, let your birthday be the reason.  I like to imagine someone out there thinking, "Well if Anne is celebrating the entire month, surely I can do (blank)."  Maybe you don't think of me when your birthday month rolls around, but in case you do...I'm here and I say enjoy it.

As for the glorious lunch above, it is this year's masterpiece from Punzel, a tiny Scandinavian shop near Interlochen, Michigan.  My mom and I visit every August for my "birthday" lunch and I love it.  Edible flowers, cold fruit soup (complete with one gummy fish), squash blossoms, an open face sandwich of Swedish cheese and fresh herbs all artfully arranged on a leaf-lined glass plate. 

Certainly not your everyday lunch, but then again, it's my birthday.


Broken Barn Industries said...

Happy Birthday Month!

Susan said...

I love the way you think! Birthdays are inevitable so you may as well enjoy every minute of the day...or the month, no matter what your age!
Happy, Happy Birthday!

Anne Reeves said...

Yea - thank you!