Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Formal Flower Arrangement

If I had set out to make a formal and fabulous bouquet, I'm sure I would have gravitated toward roses of one color palette or shape.  Instead I simply "cut what was in bloom" from my garden and transported the flowers in a jam jar up to the cottage.  You know how I always travel with flowers.

After a late night arrival, it wasn't until I came upon my haphazard bouquet this morning that I saw how beautiful these colors looked together.  The colors alone give the bouquet an air of formality, don't you think?
  • Hot pink (Paul McCartney),
  • Mustard yellow (Honey Dijon)
  • Apricot (Daybreaker)
  • Sunny yellow (Graham Thomas)
I would never have selected these colors for an arrangement.  Yet an interesting bowl from the cupboard was all they needed to show us what a color story truly means. 

I love when I accidentally find art in the garden.   

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