Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earth Star Mushroom

You know that I like to write blog posts that are beautiful and interesting.  Here I go again.  I didn't think that I would be writing about inedible mushrooms this week, that's for sure.  But my mom's friend came to the door yesterday to show me this!

She had found this unusual mushroom in the shape of a blooming flower growing under a tree and was sure that I would want to show it to you.  Honestly, it looked like it was made of putty-colored leather in the shape of a flower.  Just like the ones that are gracing so many leather bracelets right now. 

We looked it up online and determined that it is an "Earth Star" mushroom - not edible, but certainly beautiful.  When I returned with my camera, I noticed that her garden glove was almost the same shade as the mushroom and suddenly a gardener's open palm was the perfect way to show off this natural treasure.  Isn't it neat?  If I didn't think the spores would mess with my allergies, I would try to transplant it into my terrarium at home.

I just love Mother Nature, she's given us "stars" in heaven and on earth.

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