Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome Mat

What is the first thing you do when company is coming over?  In my house growing up, we would always head out to the garden to cut a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Because really, aren't flowers the ultimate "Welcome" mat?  When my aunt was about to arrive, we went out and picked this pretty bouquet in celery green, pale yellow and white with a few touches of deep red. 

I love the wispy effect of the celery green Lady's Mantle, the dry platform-shaped blooms of the mustard and deep red Yarrow, and the "bad hair day" look of the white Shasta Daisy.  The bonus flower that really made this bouquet for me was the hydrangeas blossom.  This variety of hydrangea, when fully developed, has blooms that are pure white, but for some reason (too much rain?  funny soil?) they look greenish-yellow right now.  All the better for my bouquet, so I cut them!

How do you throw out the Welcome mat? 

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Broken Barn Industries said...

That is a truly stunning bouquet!