Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flower Arranging Tip

I thought that these green "wellies" would be the perfect vase for a small bouquet of nasturtiums.  But I needed an orchid clip - it keep stems together and blooms upright.  When I was searching the house for a spare orchid clip, I found this package of soft wire tie.  It is designed to gently attach tomato plants to their supports.  You clip the length you need and wrap it around the tomato branch.

Well, I realized that you can also clip the amount you need and wrap it around the base of a bouquet to hold the stems together.  It is gentle (nasturtium stems are very delicate), easily camouflaged (the color of the tie blends in with the green stems) and works like a dream to keep your blossoms artfully arranged. 

So get yourself some soft wire tie and start making some flower arrangements!

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