Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dutch Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels, where have you been all my life?  From this day forward, any friend flying through Amsterdam, must get me a tin of these divine cookies! 

Remember when our friend was flying in from Kazakhstan?  He picked up a tin of his favorite cookies for us on his layover in Amsterdam.  Stroopwafels are butter waffle cookie filled with cinnamon-scented caramel.  He taught us that stroopwafels are placed on a cup of hot tea or coffee.  The warmth of the beverage melts the caramel filling and creates a delightful chewiness.  We all stood around in the kitchen and I broke pieces off of this cookie and gave everyone a sample.  The consensus was: Yum!

But as the weekend wore on, no one else seemed to be craving the cookie like I was.  I ate one that night with coffee.  I ate another at breakfast.  Then on Monday while blogging.  I was following my own philosophy of enjoying gifts and not "saving them."  By eating one cookie a day, I made the contents of the pretty tin can (representing wind mills painted in the style of Holland's Delftware) last a whole week. 

Looking back, I think I actually showed a lot of self-control by making them last at all.  These are fresh, chewy, caramel cookies and you must try them if you get the chance.  I am trying to refrain from ordering a huge box of them, I found the exact cookie here - my tin is the first one shown.

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