Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Upcycle Frappaccino Bottles as Vases

Want to up cycle your Frappaccino bottles?  Turn them into vases that let you "show the love" to your friends and family.

My definition of up cycling is "to improve an item (that would otherwise be thrown away) into something that is better that the original."

I wanted to have lots of inexpensive (but cute!) vases that I could give my flowers away in.  A vase that my friends, in turn, could keep and reuse.  By up cycling a stash of empty Frappaccino bottles, I have created the perfect sturdy vase.  An added bonus to this project is that this "vase" fits perfectly in a car cup holder, so driving your bouquet to a party is a piece of cake!  

I used pink gloss enamel paint (make sure the paint bottle says it is for glass) from the craft store and painted hearts on with a Q-tip!  You can make simple and consistent hearts by following the same motion you do to make the letter "V" - it's easy.  Just keep your cotton swab loaded with paint and make your movements slow and steady.  Allow the vases to dry according to the instructions on the bottle and then you are ready to give them away.

The next time you are invited to a friend's house (for Bunko, book club or more), fill one of your heart-covered vases with a small bouquet from your garden.  Your hostess will feel the love. 


Elaine said...

That is so cute! Have you tried Martha's new paint line, Anne? You can paint on ANY surface. It is such wonderful paint. I went out and bought a bunch of supplies. There are stencils, brushes, and even chalkboard paint in Martha's signature blue and green colors! You'll have so much fun with her new line.

Anne Reeves said...

I saw her paint advertised and the display inside Michaels - gorgeous colors! I have a giant stash of paint I am trying to work through. When its gone, I am replenishing with Martha's!