Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sleeping Bear Dunes - America's Most Beautiful Place 2011

My first reaction was, "Shh...let's keep this our little secret.  Part of the beauty of Leelanau County is that it is not crowded."  But something this spectacular is meant to be shared, right?  You've probably heard by now that Good Morning America has named my part of the world (at least in the Summertime) as America's Most Beautiful Place! 

And it is true, Leelanau County, home to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park in northern Michigan is the most wonderful place I have ever been.  It is beautiful, natural, peaceful - all of these adjectives and more.  These photos were taken by me with a point and shoot camera on a typical day at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It is a natural setting in which Lake Michigan can look as grand as any ocean.  I spend my summers here and it is my favorite place on earth.  

You can watch footage and hear from Chef Mario Batali in the Good Morning America television piece below. 
Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Voted Good Morning America's 'Most Beautiful Place' - ABC News

I took this photo from an overlook that is 450 feet above Lake Michigan (the world's 4th largest fresh water lake).  Visitors are welcome to explore the dune and climb all the way down to the water, if they so choose.  The trick is climbing up 450 feet of sand.  For every few feet you climb up, you invariably slide back half as much.

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes is estimated to be about two thousand years old.  It is a wonderful destination for nature lovers, tourists and, of course, photographers.  What a sight!

I know, I know.  Now you want to come to Michigan, right?  Good Morning America has confirmed what I have been saying all along.  This is the most beautiful place in America.

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