Monday, August 29, 2011

Soft Greens and Gray

Most of my gardens are Cutting Gardens.  The plants are happy and healthy clustered in pots and borders, bringing color and depth to backyard, but everybody knows that they are destined for a vase.

Which is what makes this little garden on my patio a breath of fresh air.  This 2 x 2 foot plot is dedicated to soft greens and gray.  The area exists in the middle of our patio because we had tried to save a tree when our house was built.  When we designed the patio, we created this little haven around it in the hopes that it would live.  Alas, it did not and I was left with this green space.

I decided to play up the shades of gray in the cement and wood border and have filled the area with lavender plants (smells divine!), two bee skeps (that I bought at a barn sale) and a variety of hen and chicks surrounded by moss from the cottage

It almost looks like a fairy garden, don't you think?  I am tempted to place a dollhouse-size bench in a shady spot near the lavender, just in case someone wants to sit down.

Sometimes delight is really tiny.

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