Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tiny Bouquets

Today's "moment of delight" is about placing one tiny bouquet in an unexpected place in your house.  The result is always the same: surprise, appreciation and joy.

I tucked two "French Lace" roses (one open and one still a bud) into a little lidded jar and placed it on the shelf of the plate rack in my family room.  The scent, the soft color, the fact that they were "fresh" all added so much to the room.

The next time you walk around your yard, see if you can't find a bloom or two to tuck in a small jar.  Or see if the grocery store has a bouquet you  can break up into a few smaller arrangements.  Leave your mini-masterpiece next to the powder room sink or on a bookcase in front of all the books.  I think the number of times you notice it (and like it) will surprise you.  If your friends and family notice too?  Consider it a bonus!


Broken Barn Industries said...

I love putting tiny little bouquets on the bathroom sink counter.

Anne Reeves said...

I'm glad! It really is a sweet touch. I will really miss my rose garden over the Winter!