Saturday, October 15, 2011

Round Hay Bales

Every year from May-September, I am "on the road" a lot driving between metro Detroit and the cottage.  It takes 5 hours to cross our great state and get "up north."  I actually love the drive - the scenery is beautiful and it is a wonderful time for uninterrupted conversations.

When I was young, seeing small rectangular hay bales on Michigan farms was the norm.  Then in my twenties, I started seeing the occasional round hay bale and I fell for their smooth, tight shape.  As we drove up north, I would keep my eye out and it would feel like a bonus if I noticed one.

Nowadays, I see round hale bales everywhere.  The old farm equipment must have worn out and the farms must have opted for the newer shape.  I love it, of course, and am still happy when I see a stack.  I pulled onto the shoulder to take this beautiful farm scene.  I hope you can feel the breeze and smell the freshly cut hay.

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