Friday, October 14, 2011

Missoni 3 Piece Tray

Acorns and Arrows.  The table in my entryway has a lovely Native American feel thanks to my Missoni For Target 3-piece tray.

What I like about this piece is that it is made of ceramic.  Certainly substantial enough to serve food on a Thanksgiving table or cocktail party buffet.

And as I was describing it to someone, I realized that the colors are: black, white, taupe, caramel and...well...acorn!  Look how perfectly these real acorns match the softer hued stripe.

If I hadn't been so rushed (I was part of the early morning Missoni For Target sell-out), I'm not sure that I would have chosen a piece with a pattern this bold.  But the fact that it was made & sold in 3 pieces spoke to me and I just didn't want to miss out.  I felt that my white (with touches of black and green and brown) living room could support it, and I was right!

By keeping this knock out on the front table (just behind where this photo was taken), your eye has a chance to take in the pattern on the white table and see the colors reinforced in the room behind it.  Can you see how it would work?  I love it. 

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