Thursday, October 27, 2011

Map of Paris tray

Paris has been on my mind lately (I wrote a book about it, in fact!), so naturally it is coming out in my crafting!  Lately I have been experimenting with decoupage (the art of using glue to attach paper images to an object) and I think this simple version is actually my favorite.  Traditionally, decoupaged items have several layers of images all working together.  On my tray, I let the "variety" of images come from the icons on the map itself. 

This decorative tray is made with only 3 items - plate, map, glue.  I have spread a thin layer of decoupage medium (in this case, Hard Coat Mod Podge) on the bottom of a square glass plate and then gently placed onto the glue (right side down against the glue) a paper map of Paris.  Once the map is in place, I smoothed the bubbles out with my fingers and then I trimmed away the excess paper (along the edges of the plate) with scissors. 

Essentially, the map is glued to the bottom of the plate and is visible through the glass.  I love this because it allows the glass plate to remain "food safe," because the glue is on the underside of the plate.  I'll have to hand wash it, of course, and keep water away from the map side, but that's okay.  When I get a chance, I am going to glue a piece of black felt to the back of the plate.  This will cover the back of the map and give the plate a professional finish.

Now I can "stroll along the Seine," in my own living room.  

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