Friday, October 7, 2011

Yarn Bombing

Do you know about the crafty craze called "yarn bombing?"  It is the act of decorating an object in a public space with a piece of knitting.  The neat thing is that while it is technically graffiti, the knit pieces are non-permanent and easily removed without causing any damage.  If no one objects, they can last for years.  The intention of yarn bombing is to improve or add beauty to an otherwise sterile public environment.

I've read about this practice (also called a yarnstorm or yarnstorming) in knitting magazines for years, but had never seen one in person.  Then one day this Summer, I left a shop in Traverse City and walked toward the curb.  I passed this parking meter and immediately did a double-take.  My mind hollered, "That's a yarn bomb!"

I must say, I approve.  The whole concept is a bit like the smiley face icon of the 1970's.  It popped up everywhere in the hopes of improving your mood. 

Discovering of a yarn bomb has the same kind of result - somewhere between finding a missing puzzle piece and being in on a secret.  Once you know about yarn bombs, when you notice one, you know exactly what it is: A knitter's attempt to improve the world. 

And how can you do anything but smile?

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Elaine said...

I think it is a great initiative and while I have not seen evidence of it here yet, I am sure there is some yarn bombing going on somewhere here as knitting has become quite popular again.