Monday, October 17, 2011

Donating Dolls

I think every little girl should have a new doll at the holidays, don't you? 

My mom and I are volunteers for the Detroit Goodfellows Doll Program.  Each December since 1924, the Goodfellows have coordinated the volunteers and distribution of over 12,000 dolls to needy children in metro Detroit.

The dolls are mailed to us in the Spring, then we spend the Summer scouring local shops for pretty clothes and accessories.  Here are the girls, all dressed and ready to be loved.

If you are interested in supporting this program, registration usually begins in March and the distribution of dolls to volunteers begins in May/June. I will re-post this blog in March to remind you to sign up. 

I am so happy to have this opportunity to bring delight to some little girls. 


MmeBenaut said...

What loving and caring and practical people you are. This seems to be such a wonderful program. Congratulations to you and your Mom, Anne.

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you! It does feel wonderful to dress a doll knowing that she will go directly to a little girl nearby.