Monday, October 10, 2011

Tissue Paper Bouquet

I wanted a bouquet of flowers that would last.  And last.  This pretty pink arrangement looks as beautiful as the day I brought it to the hospital.  All thanks to Martha Stewart and her tissue paper flower machine.  

Yes, I said machine.  Years ago I bought a paper flower crafting tool from the Martha Stewart Catalog For Living.  It must have been at least ten years ago now, I can't even find an example of it to show you on the web!

With this tool, I simply lay a small stack of tissue paper on the grid lines, close the arm and slowly pull the lever down.  The result is perfectly folded sheets of tissue paper that can be pinched in the middle with a ribbon tie and then fluffed into flowers.  Love it!

I did find these paper flower instructions on the Martha Stewart website.  You can follow these steps and get the same effect as mine.  To get the "Dahlia" look of the petals (flower, shown in front), cut a "V" in the end of the folded tissue stack before fluffing.  To get the look of a peony, leave the stack uncut and simply fluff.

Then, to drive the nurses crazy, put your arrangement in a French lemonade bottle with a pink label and tie it with a grosgrain ribbon.  This little beauty says "Get Well Soon!"

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