Monday, January 30, 2012

Honolulu: Hibiscus Lady Nursery

I was so excited when I saw this display that I startled the woman that grows these!  Jill Coryell is the "Hibiscus Lady" and she hybridizes hibiscus. (Say that 5 times fast!)  She sells her plants at her farm, online and every Saturday at the Kapi'olani Community College Farmer's Market in Honolulu.

Many shoppers were gathered around to admire these flowers, but what I don't think they understood was that Jill "designs" these hibiscus.  She goes beyond specializing in hibiscus and their care and actually plans and creates the shades and styles of blooms that she wants.  Hybridizing deals with pollen and fertilizing, seed pods and ovaries.  It takes time, patience and vision.  She made a GRAY and peach hibiscus!! Are you kidding me?  This woman is a genius.
And my questions, enthusiasm and photo-taking through her for a loop.  Especially because I don't live in a climate where hibiscus can live.  Darn you Zone 5.  My friend pointed out that the general Hawaiian temperament is quiet and relaxed - the opposite of how she would describe me.  But tell me the truth, if you stumbled upon a woman who created a display like this, wouldn't you get excited too? 

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