Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honolulu: Farmers Market

It exceeded my imagination. I knew that I wanted to visit a local farmers market when I was in Hawaii; I could see the tropical fruits stacked on tables in my mind.

When I visited the Kapi o lani Community College's farmers market (http://kapiolani.hawaii.edu/object/farmersmarket.html)on Saturday, the sights and sounds of this bustling market were a cook's dream come true.

I saw beautiful pink and black Hawaiian salt for sale. One vendor specialized in local honey and had sample tray with tiny drops of each flavor honey for shoppers to sample. The "hibiscus honey" stands out in my mind. And look at these gorgeous papaya!

I took pictures, sampled pineapple cake and sipped an icy made-while-you-wait Ginger Lemon Basil Cooler. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning. The next time you are on vacation (with access to a kitchen), try to visit the farmers market. Fresh never tasted so good.

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