Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oahu: Lanikai Beach

Is Lanikai Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the world?  This girl says yes.  No wonder fashion photographers make this their stomping ground.  I can only hope that your computer monitor (or phone?) can display the many shades of aqua and turquoise.  It looks like a place that I made up.

This area of Kailua is primarily residential, but as state law requires that all Hawaiian beaches are open to the public, you can walk from the street down one of the many footpaths and enjoy this exclusive area for yourself.  It is glorious. 

Since we had planned to bring our beach chairs and plant ourselves at another beach down the road (which was also gorgeous), we brought only our cameras when walked down the path "to check it out."  This was spot to end all spots and I implore you to pack a lunch and plan to stay a while when you finally reach Lanikai Beach.  And if you see Giselle, tell her I say hi. 

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This girl says "yes" too!