Monday, January 9, 2012

Honolulu: Coconut Water

You know how the coconut water craze has taken expanded the shelves of the "healthy drinks" section of the supermarket? Vitamin water, fruit juices and now coconut water tempt us all, athletes or not.

Well, there may be something to all the buzz about coconut water, which is said to contain healthy compounds that can aid in restoring hydration, regulating body temperature and the like. Well, I spent 2 hours at the Honolulu at the swap meet in 86 degrees and did surprisingly well.

Could it have been the coconut water I drank directly from THIS coconut? One of the vendors was popping open the base of fresh coconuts, inserting a straw and letting the customers drink the coconut water inside. When you had drained it, he took the coconut back and cleaved it open with a bayonet - no joke. You can see the gorgeous flesh inside, which he loosens for patrons to eat, by running a special knife around the perimeter.

I liked drinking the coconut water, but frankly the raw white flesh was a little indigestible. When it comes to eating, I will stick to the flaked and fabulous coconut from the store.

But I did feel fabulous while I walked the perimeter of the Aloha Bowl shopping for Hawaiian trinkets and treasures. Was the coconut water the secret to my hot weather stamina? In the name of research, we've decided to buy a bottle of coconut water for me a the supermarket to take along with us to the beach. Bring on the sun!

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Barb Velasco said...

No grass skirt & coconut bra?