Monday, January 23, 2012

Hawaii: Eating the Local Delights

Now this is a breakfast of champions! Fresh papaya (with a squeeze of lime juice), yogurt sweetened with Hawaiian sugar, fresh grilled pineapple, dried apple banana chips and the crunch of roasted macadamia nuts. Yep, Hawaii suits me.

When Corinne and I visited a friend of hers, I noticed a full size tree in the neighbors yard loaded with orange-colored fruit. I asked her if they could possibly be tangerines ripening on the tree. Oh yes, that tree is very productive, she said.

A few days later, Corinne dropped by her friend's without me and returned home with an armload of fruit! The neighbor had dropped off a bunch and she shared some with Corinne. So lately our "snack" has been fresh tangerines! Eating them somehow feels different because I know they weren't picked from a stack at the grocery store. They feel like a gift - true Hawaiian hospitality.

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