Friday, September 14, 2012

Team Beekman: The Amazing Race Cheering Section

I want you to join my cheering section on this season on The Amazing Race.  One of my oldest friends and his partner are a team on the fall season of The Amazing Race!  The show begins on ABC on September 30th and you can watch a video interview with Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge here.

I only use my photographs on my blog, so I've put a picture of Josh and me back in 2006 in NYC.  Josh and I went through the English Literature BA program at Michigan State University and I couldn't be happier to lend my support and try to promote his efforts here.  

Josh and Brent have an exciting life right now as goat farmers, founders of the brand Beekman 1802 (a lifestyle brand founded in small town America) that features goat milk soaps, BLAAK aged goat cheese and a selection of artisanal onion jams, caramel cajeta sauce and creamed honey.  

You can actually watch their life on a tv show called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys."  An entire season is being rebroadcast on The Cooking Channel starting September 20 at 10pm.  Originally filmed and broadcast on Plant Green, we are all hoping that the show gains a large enough audience to justify filming another season of life on the Beekman farm.  It is a charming show about the real life issues of working in NYC and trying to establish a new venture in small town America.  The photography is stunning (believe me, you will want to visit), plus the animals on the farm are characters in themselves.    

Josh is an advertising executive and New York Times best selling author and together he and Brent (a physician) have also written a Heirloom Cookbook, using the recipes they created from their heirloom seed garden.  Last year, The Beekman Boys helped to breathe life into a local Heirloom Seed company by partnering with Williams Sonoma to promote a special collection of Beekman 1802 heirloom vegetable seeds.  Neat, eh?   

As you can see, these "boys" are creative entrepreneurs and savvy businessmen, but most of all they are kind, generous and steadfast friends.  If anyone can win The Amazing Race, it's Team Beekman.  Let the games begin! 

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