Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seattle: Pike Place Market: Agrarian Abundance

Yes, I swooned over the tulips at Pike Place Market in early April, who wouldn't? I also returned the following week and bought items for a Pike Place Market inspired dinner, complete with fresh flowers for the table.
A wonderful plus about this tourist attraction is the farm-to-table aspect that puts the freshest of the fresh fruits and vegetable at your fingertips.
Everything looked gorgeous and it was fun to imagine which recipes I could bring to life in my little hotel room kitchen.  
When I was wandering around, I noticed people walking through a door and out onto a little deck.  It was tiny, but allowed me to take this photo of the ferris wheel on the water.
I stopped at world famous Pike Place Fish (where the fish mongers throw whole fish as it is ordered) and bought a pound of salmon. It was fun to hear the staff yell out (and then echo) the fish orders like auctioneers.
I bought salmon (and from another vendor - fresh dill and fingerling potatoes) for our Pike Place-theme dinner that night.  It was delicious and it was the first meal after a long winter where I could buy the ingredients at a market in the morning and then cook it for dinner that night.  Welcome Spring!

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