Friday, May 16, 2014

Seattle: Vios Cafe in Capitol Hill: The Clean Plate Club

Vios Cafe, in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, is my kind of place - meals crafted with care and served in a casual atmosphere.  There are shared tables, kids romping in the play area and I promise you, this is a place where everyone cleans their plate!  We started with a Trio Dip Sampler (Babaganoush, Tzatziki and Hummus) served with warm pita bread and a Marinated Olive Mix. Our starters were so delicious I could have made that my meal, but...
I did order the Chicken Souvlaki (oregano and lemon marinated skewers with tzatziki, slow roasted tomatoes and pita) and you can see Dan's Moussaka (baked casserole layered with eggplant, spiced meat sauce and potato, topped with bechamel) in the background.  We both loved our dinners and can't wait to visit again.  To give you an idea, I am going to insist we order the exact same thing - dips to chicken. Yum!

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