Thursday, May 1, 2014

Scarf Management: A Super Simple Way to Pack Scarves

I have a serger and I love to buy silky fabric at the fabric store, serge the edges and have a new beautiful scarf to scrunch around my neck.  That said, I sometimes (sometimes? always) get carried away when I am "making" and I end up with a huge collection of scarves, all of which I want to bring with me on my trips. 

So "Scarf Management" has been on my mind. I was struck with this simple and effective packing system for scarves when I was getting ready for this last my trip to Seattle.  I was in my office and I came across this pale pink multi-pocket file folder (intended for papers) and thought: scarves!

It worked like a charm.  I folded each scarf into a medium size square and slide each right into the pocket.  No snagging, no becoming unfolded, no problem!
The next time you are packing for a trip, look on your desk to master scarf management!


kerkatrob said...

As always, you have come up with an incredible idea! When I travel, I always fold my scarves in a gallon ziplock bag and then squeeze all the air out. Whichever way works best doesn't matter, as long as people can bring pretty scarves when they travel is all that matters.

I have been loving your Seattle series! I can wait to continue sightseeing through your eyes. It is a real treat!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks Kerry! This scarf packing idea helped so much - of course, I was taking 12 scarves with me for the month! I'm so glad you are interested in reading about my trip to Seattle. It has been wonderful.