Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seattle: Burger Master: A Hot Fudge MIlkshake and Burger

I was sent to Burger Master in Bellevue by my dear friend who knows that "a burger and a milkshake" would be the perfect stop to make with my husband before heading into the Washington Park Arboretum.
Burger Master is a dine-in-your-car hamburger spot that is reminiscent of the 1950's.  They brought our order to our car on a tray which clipped to our window and we were told to turned our headlights on if we needed something - genius!  
I had a wonderful classic cheeseburger (ketchup, pickle, mustard), fries and a drank-every-drop "Hot Fudge" milkshake. The hot fudge shake was recommended by our super-friendly waitress. Of the multitude of shake possibilities on the menu, it was appropriate that she suggested the hot fudge milkshake, as my dad is famous for ordering a milkshake and asking them to "add a scoop" of hot fudge after the shake is made, as if this were the most normal upgrade in the world.  The cute thing is that the ice cream server always thinks it is a great idea.

Burger Master boasts the little bit of Americana that we need in our lives. Park, eat, reminisce, repeat as often as possible.

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