Monday, April 28, 2014

Seattle: Pike Place Market Flowers: Faint or Levitate

If I had been wearing a blood pressure cuff, I know that the bells and whistles would have been going off.  I could hardly stay on my feet I was so happy with the selection of flowers at Seattle's Pike Place Market.  I didn't know whether to faint or levitate.

I bought 3 stems of the pink/white peony tulips (above). I believe it is the variety called "Angelique."
I mean really, look at all the tulips! I always say "Spring is like the Circus - it only comes to town once a year."  You may find the blog flower-heavy right now, but it is Spring and I am celebrating.
I also bought a dozen of these pink and pale yellow tulips - I think they are "Blushing Beauty."  It is hard to tell from the photo, but when I got them in water in the room, they opened up as large as wine goblets.  Magnificent.  

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