Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Singer Island, Florida: John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

For ages I've had "visit MacArthur Park" on my vacation to-do list (which also prompts the Donna Summer's song of the same name to play on repeat in my head).  

I drive past the park daily as I leave Singer Island, and at one particular place on the low bridge I always see unusual birds posing in the sunlight. I've tried twice to pull over with my camera during the afternoon sun to get a photo of some birds, but so far no luck.  I've only gotten shots like this from the condo balcony.
John D. MacArthur Park is "situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake Worth Lagoon, the park is 438 acres of natural environments, including seven species of plants and twenty-two species of animals designated as endangered or threatened."

During the last week of my visit, the park hosted a "Moonlight" folk concert in the open air.  Dan and I stopped in for a while, we chose to walk on the boardwalk (above) and listen to the music wafting out of the trees, rather than sitting in the designated area.  It was lovely - relaxing yet a bit too windy for birds.  I took this photo of their information board to show you what I had hoped to see.
In the end, my only sighting was the resident Loggerhead Turtle, whose blurred left flipper suggests that he was waving to me.
I still have "visit MacArthur Park" on my seasonal to-do list.  I must photograph those birds in the setting sun!

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