Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seattle: A Drive Across Deception Pass...Sounds Like A Nancy Drew Title

Come take a drive across Deception Pass.  Sounds like a Nancy Drew title, doesn't it?  Believe me, the beautiful scenery will give you courage to take the bridge across Deception Pass.  

The pass was named deception when Captain George Vancouver realized that what he had identified as a peninsula, was actually an island.  He named it Whidbey Island after his assistant Joseph Whidbey, who was with him when he realized his mistake.
 This is the view to the West - the shimmering open water of Puget Sound.  
This is the view to the East - the little island is called Strawberry Island.  This link will take you to a great map of Deception Pass State Park and will help you appreciate the topography.

Deception Pass State Park has both a fresh and salt water shoreline.  Many visitors parked their cars on either side of the bridge and took a "I'm not afraid of heights" walk across the bridge.
I loved that we took this unexpected stop on our Sunday drive. This park is only an hour and a half north of Seattle, Washington but it felt like we were on a vacation a million miles away.  
How can Washington State be this beautiful so close to a major city?  A major city which is also beautiful from every angle, by the way. I would love to come back to this area and have a chance to sit on the beach and or find more of the scenic overlooks.

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