Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ferry: Port Angeles to Victoria, British Columbia

My first big car ferry trip and it was a gorgeous morning.  The sun was out; the water looked calm and I felt certain that the 90 minute crossing to Victoria, British Columbia would be easy and photogenic.  

I have a long history of motion sickness in cars, planes, boats, rafts.  These photographs on the dock were all that I took to commemorate the trip from Port Angeles to Victoria, British Columbia.  A ride that I will never go on again.
We learned later that the route we chose was the only one considered to be in "open water" and that the ferry was "smaller than the others" and therefore more likely to pitch and sway.  Terrific. I felt unwell and I wanted to get off the boat.  No such luck, I clung to the metal railing in the wind and the cold for an hour.
Yes, this blog promises a moment of delight (I did love my time in Victoria once I got there - more tomorrow) but it is also about everyday moments (like this City Series) and I want you to learn from my experience.
When the water finally calmed down near the harbor (above), I joked that they should come out and welcome their new citizen because I wasn't going to be able to get back to America.  We had made a new friend at the hotel breakfast that morning (he is a native of Vancouver Island and has lived there for 60 plus years) and he said I could get home another way if I took a larger ferry "through the islands" up to Vancouver.  Done.

My caveat is that everyone else on the boat was fine.  Reading books, eating, talking.  I was the only one incapacitated.  If you are sea-worthy, the Port Angeles to Victoria ferry should be fine.  But if you "don't like moving," consider another route.  You're welcome.

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