Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Seattle: Lake Sammamish State Park

Have I mentioned that I love it in Washington State?  It looks like Switzerland and feels so optimistic. I love that the air is cool (44-62 F) most days that I've been here (I can finally wear all those scarves I have knit!) and it hasn't rained nearly as much as I expected.  
When the clouds part the sky is beautiful, there are mountain ranges in the distance and the air is so clear.  These first 2 photos are from the shore of Lake Sammamish in Lake Sammamish State Park.
I took this one above (blurry!) out of a moving car, but I wanted you to see the green in the morning light.  This is another entrance are to the same park.
This drive along Lake Sammamish makes it look like I am headed off to vacation instead of running errands.  The must be very strict signage rules here, because all commerce is tucked back off the road and there are no billboards or lit signs near the road.  It looks like the bustling real world was tucked in unobtrusively between the trees. Well done.
I tried to capture the fact that homes are built on the water as well as up into the hillside, just like in Switzerland.

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