Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dunn Brothers Coffee: When Coffee Equipment Catches Your Eye

I can't be the first person who photographed this magnificent yellow coffee roaster/grinder at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Rochester, Minnesota.  You see the beauty in it too, right?

I told my dad that the brightly colored specialty coffee equipment reminded me of when I toured a coffee bean shop in Paris with Patricia Wells when I was in her cooking class a few years ago.  This red beauty dominated the small Parisian shop, where even the air felt caffeinated. 
While other students bought coffee beans, I bought a coffee bean sack to make into a pillow for my living room.  You can see my masterpiece, a khaki and black graphic pillow on display below.
When a salesperson at Dunn Brothers Coffee saw my interest in the machine he came over to answer any of my questions.  What I wondered was if they had any empty coffee bean sacks that I could make into another pillow. Raw materials with a story behind it are always so much more interesting.

Lo and behold, he had one that I could have! I expressed my gratitude and told him to look in the blog this summer to see my creation.  The coffee bean sack is light brown with red lettering - I can't wait to get home and sew!

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