Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Tier Fruit and Vegetable Display

I really love how this looks in my kitchen and I wanted to share this simple idea with you.  I have seen more and more 3-tier plate racks in stores and catalogs, intended to display sweets and treats (or appetizers) at a party or on a buffet table.

I like to use mine for a daily display of fruits and vegetables.  My 3-tier display is an open rack, so I can use casual blue glass plates (shown), antique china or enamel camping-style dishes depending on the look I want. In this photo, I used casual blue plates and loaded them with fresh fruits and vegetables after a trip to the grocery store.  I find that I "snack" on fruits and vegetables more when I can see them.  A visual reminder similar to "I could have had a V-8!

And when this multi-colored raffia bow came into my life (on a present??), instead of relegating it to the my gift wrap stash, I tied it on top of the rack for a happy touch.  You would not believe how many people have complimented my "display."

A touch of whimsy (and an apple a day) are sure to bring you delight.

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