Monday, May 19, 2014

Seattle: Dry Soda: The Time Has Come

I am encouraged by the very existence of Dry Soda.  Dry Soda is brand of beverage that is made from only 4 all-natural ingredients. Founder and CEO Sharelle Klaus' vision (She's a genius, as far as I'm concerned) was to create a carbonated beverage that was less sweet (and therefore would have less calories), caffeine free, low in sodium, yet full of herbal or fruit flavors that would pair well with "grown up" meals. Amen!

I avoid alcohol and a girl can only drink so much sparkling water! I would love to be able to order a sophisticated beverage when I am dining out. Particularly if it has a subtle flavor that would enhance my meal.  Shrimp Risotto and Diet Coke just don't pair well.

I had read about Dry Soda, but had never come across it on store shelves in Michigan.  Then when I was doing research for my extended trip to Seattle, I learned that Dry Soda is based in Seattle!  I knew that I would finally be able to find it, try it and then tell you about it.  

I found it easily on the shelves at the local Whole Foods and bought Rhubarb and Juniper Berry.  I served them with our delayed Easter dinner (ham, potato gratin, green beans) and they were quite good.  The lack of sugar is a shock, but it is a shock I am all for.  I know that there will be a few that I have a thirst for, I just have to zero in on which of the 11 flavors are in my wheelhouse. 

Dan liked them right off the bat. I can't wait to try more of their when I visit their TASTING ROOM when I am back in Seattle next month.  Can you believe it? They have a tasting room. See, I told you Sharelle Klaus was a genius.

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