Monday, May 12, 2014

Seattle: Madison Kitchen Made My Day

If only every town could have a Madison Kitchen, I would be one happy traveler.  Fresh delicious flavors, quality ingredients, generous portions served to go or you can do yourself a favor and stay.  Eat slowly and talk to your friends. It's good for you. 

I stopped into Madison Kitchen at my friend's behest.  She is friends with one of the owners (she used to live in Seattle) and knew that he had opened a restaurant in Madison Park.  She knew that his food would be wonderful and she was right, of course.  I ordered a Salad Trio (choosing 3 from the many fresh choices) with Chicken Salad, Potato Salad and Fruit Salad.  Does it seem weird to describe food as honest, because that is what comes to mind.  Big chunks of fresh ingredients.  Green onion so fresh and bright it can hold its own within the potato salad.  Not too much salt; not too many herbs.  Clean flavors with a satisfying heft.  I'm sold.

It was a great lunch. I enjoyed watching customers come in and out like bees to a hive.  The Salad Trio was very popular, but it was interesting that the 3 choices people made varied a lot.  That is a good sign for any restaurateur, that the entire menu could be considered customer favorites.

After my visit to the actual park called Madison Park down the street, I returned for a refreshing drink and snack.  Limonata and a homemade oatmeal studded raspberry bar. Oh me oh my, it was perfect.  The next time I am within reach, I will be back. Can you say: Open for Breakfast!

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