Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cutting Garden

This week my friend, Phyllis (mother of the Garden Club Girls) invited me to a "School's Out for the Summer" lunch at a her house.

The picnic fare was all taken care of, so I needed to think of something I could bring that would enhance the party. It didn't take me long to realize that a bouquet of flowers for the table would be a welcome addition.

I went outside, picked
peonies, gerbera daisies, dahlias, zinnias and roses, and then arranged them in a pink Maxwell House coffee can (with a glass jar of water inside).

It looked lovely and resulted in a discussion about "Cutting Gardens." Most landscape plans are based on the exterior look (and maintenance requirements) of a house.

I think your landscaping should also include a plan for flower arranging. What you grow outside = bouquets for the inside. Hence a cutting garden. Simply plant flowers that bloom repeatedly (in colors you love) so that you can make flower arrangements at a moments notice. A garden of delight.


Torch Lake Prep said...

I love your flowers !!

MmeBenaut said...

Anne, these are so pretty and very much like the flowers that Lily Hydrangea posted a few days ago. I don't think I've ever seen coffee come in pink cans before!