Friday, June 26, 2009

Pinks and Yellows

I am finding myself drawn to pinks and yellows lately.
  • Pink & yellow roses arranged with yellow lantana
  • Lemon sorbet and rosewater shortbread
  • Pale pink monograms on light yellow totes

I have even been thinking about the Sweet Corn ice cream (with raspberry swirl) that I had at Jeni's in Columbus last year. Have you been drawn to any color combinations lately?


MmeBenaut said...

Oh yes! I don't know why but I love pink and light purple together. Even my ski boots are pink, purple and black.
I do like your pink/yellow combinations though and looking at these and yesterday's gorgeous lavender and yellow have given me some ideas.
I often wear sage green with my purple jeans!

LillyB said...

I am always a fan of cream and yellow!!