Monday, June 15, 2009

Iris Farm

When I mentioned that I had gone to the iris farm someone asked me, "What exactly does that mean?"

The idea of wandering through rows of blooming iris does seem a bit like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Now add in an old barn, perfect weather and a basket overflowing with flowers and it was as if the pages of Mother Goose had been brought to life.

Guests pick up a basket and scissors at the little "iris shop" inside a smaller barn and then are free to wander the farm cutting stalks for a magnificent arrangement. When you are finished, you pay by the stalk and return the supplies. (Tip: Bring a bucket of water in your car to help get these beauties home safely.)

What could me more fun on a perfect June day?

This farm is also where I took the all-white barnyard photograph that I love so much. Love it!


MmeBenaut said...

Fabulous idea! Perhaps I could tear up the tennis court and build an iris farm! I think they need loads of sunshine though don't they?

I have quite a few planted but am not successful in the flowering area. I get a few blooms but nothing like this! Just gorgeous.

Anne Reeves said...

It is a little heaven on earth...