Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Crackers

Feeling British? Why not decorate your holiday table with some English Crackers?

Boxed sets of English Crackers are all over the stores right now and make a great party favor. I think there is something so fun about pulling the ends, hearing the snap and shaking little trinkets out. What's not to like?

But I also wanted you to show you my version. Inspired by an old issue of Country Living magazine (British Edition) that features a trio of handmade English Crackers on the cover. I have thought about doing this project for years and years until I finally walked into the powder room last week and unrolled 3 complete rolls of toilet paper in order to get the empty tubes I needed. Seriously.

It was a piece of cake after that. Simply center the tube on a doubled piece of tissue paper, roll it up and place a piece of tape on the seam. Wrap a smaller piece of decorative paper (the same length as the tube) over the tissue layer and tape. Tie a pretty piece of ribbon on each end to gather the tissue and close the tube.

I didn't fill the tubes with candy & treasures (before tissue paper step), because I could see from the papers and ribbons that they would be too gorgeous to snap! I used pink tissue paper and a vintage-style map of Paris.

Make your own English's a snap!


Elaine said...

Those are beautiful! I LOVE the British edition of Country Living.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Elaine! I love the BE too!