Friday, December 11, 2009

Cozy Nights

Michigan had a sudden cold snap and as I drove to my "Euchre Night" last night, the car thermometer read 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrr......
Normally at our card parties, the hostess sets up tables and provides the cards and beverages, but doesn't need to worry about food. Then the players descend on her house with appetizers and dessert bites at 6:30.
So when we all tromped up the front walk in the biting cold, it was such a surprise to find that our hostess had made a big pot of chili to warm us up.
Nothing could have tasted better to us than homemade chili topped with cheese, sour cream & hot sauce. I am telling you this because I believe her gesture exemplifies what it means to be a good hostess. Considering the event, the guests and the circumstances to make everyone feel at home. It was a cozy evening of cards by the fire and I loved every minute of it.
Are you hosting an event this season?

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