Monday, December 21, 2009

Toffee Time

I have wanted to make toffee for years - I even own 2 candy thermometers - but I had never tried it until this weekend.

I think I had combined everything in my mind that I had seen and read about candy making and psyched myself out. Here is a list of what I was worrying about and if it was relevant to toffee making.
  • use a copper pot (nope)
  • swirl, don't stir (nope)
  • brush the sides of the pan with water while cooking (nope)
  • temperature is everything (yes)
  • don't let it foam/boil over the top (yes, but you are stirring so not a concern)
  • keep ice water on hand (yes, safety first)
Despite my mental list above, I had hung onto a "making toffee" article from Southern Living (since 2004!) in the hopes of figuring it out one day.
That day came when my friend Alison (who goes on my "Sugar Secrets" field trip with me every year) said she was up for the challenge. I waved the article (loaded with gorgeous toffee shots) and proclaimed that it was our inspiration page.

I have since received another toffee recipe from a friend and it uses salted nuts and different chocolate. I think that recipe (similar in all other ingredients and proportions) will be a notch better. For your first go around, try this recipe using pecans, and a better quality dark chocolate.

Viva La Toffee!


Karna said...

Nammm....Merry Christmas!!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks Karna! Yes, I have been nibbling on it all week!